Mediterranean Herb Gouda

MedHerbWEBSeptember’s cheese of the month, Orange Windmill Mediterranean Herb Gouda, is a fairly new addition to our cheese selection and is the perfect treat to round out the summer. The earthy olives, sweet basil, sun dried tomatoes and spicy garlic give this cheese the power to transport you to the Mediterranean as you eat it. It is an exciting and savory cheese with distinct and complex flavors.

Orange Windmill is a brand of Royal FrieslandCampina, a Dutch dairy cooperative that produces and markets natural, nutritious and high-quality dairy products and ingredients. They are able to produce such finely crafted cheeses because they use only the best ingredients in a place where cheese making is inherent in the culture. Traditionally, women would make cheese from the milk their farm produced and pass on their cheese making skills to their daughters. Today, cheese making in the Netherlands has evolved to incorporate a myriad of flavors, which is evident in the Mediterranean Gouda. You may also be familiar with another Orange Windmill cheese, the Cablanaca Goat Gouda that you can also find here at Friendly City.

One of the best features of the Mediterranean Gouda is its melting ability. It melts perfectly over almost anything and would add great flavor to a burger, grilled cheese, or over some roasted potatoes. If you’d prefer to enjoy this cheese as a lighter snack it is wonderful all on its own or paired with Three Notch’d Hydraulion Irish Red.

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