Cheese of the Month

Clawson Lemon Zest WEBMay’s offering for Cheese of the Month is Clawson Lemon Zest White Stilton made with lemon compote and candied lemon peel.

Clawson White Stilton is made in England where only seven dairies are licensed to make White Stilton. White Stilton with Lemon Zest has a crumbly texture and a creamy finish with a sweet tart tang from the lemon making it a complement both savory and sweet dishes.

Grab Clawson Lemon Zest White Stilton while it’s on sale this month and try spreading some on one of our local Staff of Life Baguettes and enjoy the treat with chilled LaPlaya Sauvignon Blanc.

Open Daily 8am-9pm

Map to the store
150 E. Wolfe St. Harrisonburg, VA
(540) 801-8882
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