Garlic Chives Cheddar

Chive Garlic Raw Goat Web April’s Cheese of the Month comes from Trickling Springs Creamery in Chambersburg, PA only two hours north of Harrisonburg. Trickling Springs offers a wide variety of fresh, minimally processed dairy products including organic milk and yogurt smoothies that we sell here at the co-op, as well as their delicious cheeses. This month we are featuring the creamery’s Garlic and Chive Raw Goat Cheddar. This cheese combines the slight tang of goat’s milk with a zip of garlic and the freshness of chives. The cheddar itself is very mild and nutty, but the flavors permeate through the overall taste in a smooth combination. The goat’s milk used to make this cheese comes from goats raised on Trickling Springs’ community of family farms. The goats are treated with the highest of animal welfare standards and have free access to pasture during the grass growing season.

Trickling Springs creamery opened in 2001 with the intent of providing high quality dairy products to their community. They use milk from local, family farms that take the best care of their animals and land. The goats and cows that provide the milk for their various dairy products are allowed to roam freely during the growing season, and are not given any growth hormones to rush their production. Trickling Springs offers organic and all-natural products that are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality.

This cheese is delicious all on its own. It is great for snacking, but also melts very well and could be a tasty addition to a sandwich, burger, or even to spice up some mac and cheese. The flavors of garlic and chive also pair well with a glass of cabernet sauvignon and could be enjoyed together as an appetizer. This is a great cheese for spring and you can find as a Fresh Deal the entire month of April. Come pick some up and include it in your first picnic of the season!

Open Daily 8am-9pm

Map to the store
150 E. Wolfe St. Harrisonburg, VA
(540) 801-8882
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